CodaKid offers dynamic computer programming and video game design to children ages 6 to 14 using cutting edge tools such as Minecraft® Forge, Eclipse, Blender, and more. Our coding instructors know how to make coding entertaining, and our classes encourage discovery, creative expression, and presentation.

Our founder David Dodge is a veteran video game developer, game designer, and software architect having worked for nearly a decade at Sega of America, Cyclone Studios, and 3DO, and having designed and launched Tutorware, a business management software for tutoring and test prep companies.

In 2014, David founded CodaKid, a computer science and game design academy focused exclusively on courses for children from the age of 6-14.

CodaKid is a special place where students will get to take coding classes in the headquarters of a real technology startup based in Old Town Scottsdale.

In our fun, modern design studio, students enjoy small group courses with experienced coders, technologists and designers from leading companies and universities, and walk away with skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.