All my life, I`ve been corrected one way or another, told I can’t do something because I`m a lady.

Whenever I swear in front of my dad, he yells at me and says, “You are a lady!” Being sarcastic, I tell him I`m aware of that, and I get a monthly reminder, which sends him off the deep end. If I burp, my mom, brothers, and of course my dad, all ask me, “Do you honestly think you’re going to find a boyfriend with your profanity and gross behavior?!”

I`m sick of these stupid gender rolls. Because I have a vagina and boobs I`m not allowed to burp, swear, or do anything uncharacteristic. But thats the thing, what ARE the characteristics of being a lady? You must be prim and proper, polite, and sweet, always have cocktails ready for your husband and care for the children all day, but still look fabulously perfect is your big, poofy, fancy dress? Nope. I say that being a lady means you are strong, you wear what you want, do what you want, act how you want, and say what you want.