Working in Man’s Field

I am a 22 year old girl and I hold my bachelors degree in electronics. I work at a company where there is both field and office work. Every time I ask to see how my work is going, my boss gives me an excuse. He gives all of the projects to other workers and says he doesn’t need me to go and assist them in the field . I know i can do both office and field work because I am as strong as any guy. I need to do this work but unfortunately, he’s always refusing.

I live in a society where the power of girl is underestimated. For my boss, a girl can only work in an office and on finding theoretical solutions without getting the chance to see how it will work in real life. I think my knowledge can make me better than a male technician in the field and it will also give me the chance to develop and be a lot more useful. I still ask him to let go and assist the technicians in the field once a week and every time, I get an empty promise. I’ll keep on asking until I get what I truly want and need, which is the right to do my entire job, just like a man.