We deserve justice for when we are abused

My parents would always warn me about how I had to be careful around men because some (not all!!) didn’t have the right intentions. I never really listened and always thought “oh getting raped is only something that you see on the news or something it’s not something that could possibly happen to me” I was very wrong.

One time I was at a party of a friend at school and I was hanging out with a boy who I had been talking to for a while. He went to go get me a drink and that’s the last thing I remember. I woke up in a strange bed with bruises on my wrists and legs. I was naked and that’s when I realized something had happened against my will. I immediately called my best friend to tell her and we both went to the hospital so that I could get a rape kit test thing. When the police questioned me they asked me question insinuating that I had in some way asked for it. They asked me what I was wearing, how much I drank and if I was sure I said “no”. They then dismissed my claims and didn’t do an investigation because they said I was making fake accusations.

It’s been 3 years and my rapist is still out there I see him all the time and still no justice. All because I was wearing a dress and I couldn’t remember certain details.