Viewing the STEAM World from a Young Girl’s Perspective

When I was little I was lucky to be brought up shielded away from the world of discrimination, it never occurred to me that I was growing up in a world where gender and racial discrimination was taking place. When I started school I slowly learned that the world isn’t full of sunshine and lollipops.Thankfully, I have never been directly faced with either gender or racial discrimination, however, these issues must be acknowledged because everyday I watch the news, injustices are plastered on the screen, screaming at us to stand up.

My passion for equality made me extremely excited to go to Axosoft’s #ItWasNeverADress Conference. During the conference, I learned ways to approach injustices and how to take action. I also met tons of girls and mentors who shared the same viewpoints on addressing gender discrimination and we all have/had dreams of working in STEAM careers. Having so much “girl power” in one room made me feel as if I was finally contributing to a better future. This weekend was eye-opening, it inspired me to take the message of #ItWasNeverADress everywhere I go, to continue striving for an equal society, and to keep pursuing a career in STEAM.

I hope young girls like me understand how important standing up for equality is and will not be scared to speak up. I am only fourteen years old and I plan to use the rest of my life striving for a more technologically advanced and equal society!