Tough world for mothers

It was never easy to be a woman to begin with. In the IT industry, women are the minority. Surrounded by men, we try to ‘man up’ and be more masculine than we naturally are. When I upgraded to be a mom, things were even harder. When I told one of the managers I needed a clean, uninterrupted space for 5 minutes a day to express milk, she said I could do it in the disabled toilet. My eyes nearly popped out at this knowledge! I did it for the first day, very much uncomfortably, and the next day I sought help from the executive assistant, who had grandkids and understood what I meant. She immediately found me a space that I could use to express milk safely and I am forever grateful for that. There is a high need for breastfeeding and expressing milk knowledge and support from the community. Mother’s milk is crucial for babies under 12 months but mother’s are getting bashed for breastfeeding in public and are asked to expressed milk in dirty environments like the toilet.