“Things Happen to Girls.”

This was what my parents told me growing up when I asked why I had a curfew and my twin brother didn’t. I wasn’t allowed to go somewhere unless my brother was with me. When asked my parents if I could be somewhere late, I was asked, “will a boy be there, too?” They felt I needed a “protector.”

I grew up in a neighborhood full of boys, so I naturally made a lot of friends with boys and was quite the tomboy. Ironically enough, as I got older, I was asked, “why are you the only girl going? I’d feel more comfortable if another girl was with you.”

Other questions asked:
“Why don’t you wear something cute?”
“Don’t you want to wear a dress?”

My parents were great, and I love them, but I never agreed with their fears based only in tradition and I am so glad I came across ItWasNeverADress — THANK YOU!