Taking Computer Science to the Elementary School

After I went to an all girls computer science program a few years ago, I really questioned why men believed that the STEAM field was just for them. A big part of the problem is as girls get older this stigma only becomes stronger and turns into a truth.

For a senior project I worked on testing computer science classes in the elementary schools. I received amazing feedback in these classes and the schools are talking about putting in a computer science class in the future. With my project and these classes, we can get girls interested in the STEAM fields at a young age and when they get to high school and college, they will already know they are interested in going into the STEAM fields. As the only girl in my engineering class, I want to help change the STEAM statistics for girls in the future, and hopefully I was able to do that with my project.

Going off to college, I am ready to continue taking on the STEAM field. I am ready for the challenges that will come my way and I am excited to be one of the only girls in my digital forensics major. I’m ready to prove to the guys in my classes that I can do anything they can do and better.