Super Hero Action Mom

At 26 I divorced my husband because I had finally had enough of his attitude and drug and alcohol use. He was a very aggressive guy who¬†would fly off the handle at the drop of a hat, and I couldn’t stand to be with him anymore even though he was the sole breadwinner in our family.

I barely worked, we had a 2 year old son. I knew I had to get out of there. I left that small town and moved to the city to go to school. I got grants, loans, CHIP, daycare assistance, and a job. My parents helped me with rent in a tiny apartment until I got on my feet. After a year and a half of paralegal school, I found a job at a law firm and started working. I also met my current husband during this time, who I couldn’t be happier with. I quickly moved up the ranks (and to others cities) to secure a high paying job with great benefits.

Now I am the bread winner! We bought a home last year and had a baby girl. I love working hard for my firm, then coming home to work hard for my family. My husband is loving and supportive and we are a great team. I feel like I pulled myself out of what might have been a sad and miserable life if I would have stayed in my previous marriage out of convenience.