STEM, Women and Girls: A male perspective

“I’ve been incredibly blessed to know a large number of bright, successful people over the years while working in Information Technology. And a very large percentage of them were women. [IT and successful women seem to go together naturally because so much of the work is based purely upon deliverables.] As I think about each of those women and what they have in common, it is foremost in my recollection that they did NOT give up, they wanted equality more than anything else, they were very honest in their business dealings, and they did not suck up to the men running the world. Business is business. Work is all about producing great results. And it is results that they find satisfying – and results are what got them where they are.

How can we speed up the process of treating everyone fairly? How can we make it better now? Sadly, we can only improve this situation one step at a time. We’re trying to overcome millennia of prejudice and mental programming. But we have totry. Doing nothing is not an option. Every little bit is so important.”

This is an excerpt from “STEM, Women and Girls: A male perspective” Please read the FULL story I recently published here: