Refusing to be Silent

I don’t know how this works, but this is my feminist story:
I’m 11 and as you can imagine, people won’t listen to my voice or my opinion.

It started as a school project, an anthology on feminism, and after I finished that, I got inspired. I haven’t had much to start with, but I’m slowly getting my voice heard and I plan on going to the Women’s March closest to me in January . I’m also hoping (and I hope this isn’t a little too far fetched) to start a campaign or hashtag or something like that to recognize that just because you’re a girl, doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of anything you want to do. I’ve started with going around and asking my school, questions like “what does it mean to be a feminist?” or “what does feminism mean to you?”.  I’m also planning on starting an Instagram account, posting quotes and pictures I’ve been taking of classmates holding signs that say “this is what a feminist looks like” or “feminism has no boundaries”.

That is my story so far. I hope this inspires someone. 🙂