Reaching the next generation

I found this #ItWasNeverADress sticker online one day and showed it to my mom and some friends They all loved it and shared it with more friends, which was great, but what really made me become a supporter of this campaign is when I showed the image to my 8-year-old sister. The moment she realized what it was, her face lit up and I feel like I saw her loving being a girl for the first time. She’s already told me stories of boys at school and teachers who tell her she can’t do things (mostly outside activities, math or sports) because she’s a girl, but this sticker made her feel otherwise. Now every time she walks into a public bathroom she smiles and says she’s going to the superhero bathroom! I try to teach her about feminism and equality and that she can do anything, but those are concepts that are too abstract for her to fully comprehend yet. However, this sticker, which visually symbolizes those messages is not. This sticker helped her understand that she is amazing and that gender should never stop her from doing something she wants.

That is one of the reasons why this campaign is important. It is able to reach a younger audience in a way that no other gender equality campaign has been able to before. People talk about how in order to fix the world’s problems we need to educate our youth, but that’s often much more difficult than we think, and is just a way to take the blame off of our own generation. Teaching the youth and getting them to comprehend a lot of what goes on in this world is difficult, but this campaign may be on to something in terms of how we educate for a better next generation.