Professions have genders?

I was definitely referred to as a tomboy, which I never understood, because I didn’t get that it isn’t girly to climb trees, race boys on my bicycle, and take pride in my jar opening abilities as a child.

My mother was the breadwinner, working two full time jobs to provide for our family of four. I loved Carl Sagan and was a huge Next Generation fan.

By the time I was in high school, I was in all the tech AP classes. I went to a service academy and majored in EE. I have been a practicing electrical engineer for 13 years. I married another EE, but I still earn more than he does.

I don’t understand why mothers still defer to the child’s father for simple elementary school math and science questions. It’s those kinds of poor parenting decisions that condition little girls that math and science are too hard for women.

It will take many generations of pioneers like us to pave the way for future generations, especially when it comes to mid level and senior leadership of tech fields.