No Boundaries

I knew one thing was for certain when I got out of college, I was going to be my own boss. Thankfully, I was raised by parents that never told me that women can’t be something because of their sex, the way they look, or the history that predated the modern women. I knew what I was good at and what would pay my bills… Numbers. Within a few years, I joined the financial services industry, an industry previously dominated by men. An industry that was not built to support a 24 year old female, just over 5 feet tall! So, I had to build it up in a way that women would be supported and appreciated in this career. I began to learn something while meeting with clients and growing my business. Women are very active in the financial decisions that take place in the home. We make a lot of the financial decisions for our households. Women also seem to trust other women more than they do men when it comes to financial issues.

I worked in an all women firm, learning everything I could before going out on my own. I love gathering women together from different paths of life and learning something new from each one of them. Women are creators, artists, and great communicators. We are intellectuals and scholars. We are capable of doing so much because of the inherent super powers that we have! We have to block out anything that tells us we can’t do something, including ourselves. We need to block out the stereotypical images of who is right for a certain career. If you want to do something and you’re good at it, nothing else should stop you!