My mom wore three capes!

Most moms are amazing women. My mom was amazing! She wore three capes.

Cape One: She raised three sons that were quite a handful but she didn’t do it with discipline or punishment, rather with unconditional love, support, and dedication. Cape Two: She had two masters degrees and used those to ‘raise’ many kids in the inner city school systems. Her colleagues and kids loved her. She was the most honest and caring person I have ever known. She shared that with everyone. When she walked into a room, she owned it and garnered respect and admiration from everyone there. My motherĀ didn’t tolerate conversation of bigotry or prejudice…she represented everyone and saw the best in all people. Cape Three: She started her own non-profit business to educate educators on drugs and abuse in school systems. She changed so many lives. She insisted on people hugging each other.

She was not just oneĀ superhero but could morph into different superheroes. She taught me many things but mostly, how powerful and awesome women can be! Don’t hold back!