Moms are the best

I’m an average 18 year old French kid. I don’t have lots of tales to tell about my life yet, but as a woman I think every woman deserves to be treated like a superhero.
I’m a shy and discreet person. I care more about my sleep, in the morning, than about my appearance. That’s the reason why I’ve always been rejected, seen as a stupid and manly weirdo.
You cannot expect for a woman to be ladylike and wear dresses just because they’re women.
Especially when you get catcalled in the street, that’s terrifying.
As for my mom, she’s had a hard life and she’s a real superhero. One of the personality traits we have in common is determination. And I hope I’ll be able to handle my life as well as her. I’ve just entered a prestigious art school and wish for the best.