Inspiring Change

As a veteran teacher who was removed from technology while I had and raised two children, I hadn’t become updated with the latest and greatest with technology in the math classroom. I attended a math conference after a 10 year hiatus and was overwhelmed by how much I didn’t know and how the current math classroom has been transformed through STEM initiatives and technology. I took a leap of faith and piloted TI-Nspires CX CAS calculator with my calculus classes whereby I put the technology in their hands. Learning alongside them inspired a district-wide adoption of this newest technology. Seven years later, I have put our school on “cutting edge” technology with piloting new endeavors from Texas Instruments with the latest being the TI-Innovator Rover. I see how STEM and coding excites my 10-year old daughter who loves to build robots! So, I’m co-leading on another new endeavor with a female Engineering teacher at our high school, seven high school girls on an Imagination Destination team…to problem-solve and create something through STEM designs, technology, etc. All of these examples of what women can do in predominately male-led careers and subjects provides a wonderful role model to both my female students as well as my daughter. I’m inspired to do more with creating change around me whereby I’m now finding comfort “wearing the cape” and taking risks outside of my comfort zone.