I’m So Sorry…But for What?

Why are we conditioned to apologize for claiming our own space? Our own time? Why is it that we teach girls to apologize for everything, while excusing boys for anything? Please tell my why, that as a girl, I grew up with “sorry” on my lips but an unapologetic mind? Why are boys given the simple, “Boys will be boys” while girls are forced to repeats apologies for simply existing?

Even as I am writing this, I want to apologize for taking your time or ranting or… I don’t even know why to be honest. I’m just so tired of this phrase having the amount of power that it does. So let me tell you this: stop saying sorry. Anytime you find the words lingering on your tongue, if they are unwarranted, swallow them and say what you actually feel. It will liberate you from this cycle.