I Choose Full Colour!

Everyone has a chapter or chapters they don’t read out loud. I’ve encountered neglect, rape, physical abuse, addiction, emotional abuse, miscarriage, depression, bothched surgeries and they have all left their scars. However, I’ve learnt to pick myself up when knocked down. I’ve learnt that battles are easier with someone by your side but not impossible on your own. I am generous and kind but I have learnt that I am also powerful. At middle age I’m only just learning to be proud of myself and recognising that I deserve happiness, respect, support and love. I don’t apologise for my shift in perception. I am strong physically, emotionally and mentally as a result of life’s colour. I am choosing to live life to the full, to care for those dear to me, to cherish friendships and to enjoy experiences and to take risks. I now include myself in the list of what is important and recognise that I must care for myself to be able to care for my friends and family – I refuse to hide in the shadows but will dance to the best of my abilities in the light of the rainbows.