I Can Do It.

Hello! After reading some of the stories published I felt the need to post mine. I am the youngest and only girl amongst my three older brothers. Growing up, I never knew what feeling “pretty” felt like. I struggled with my weight all throughout my childhood and was bullied because of it. I only had a few close friends whom I consider my sisters because they have been there for me through everything. When I got into high school I joined cross country and started to shed off the pounds. I never truly knew what self love was until then. My mother was a single parent, so we struggled just to make ends meet. I watched her struggle through marriages and have witnessed first hand domestic and drug abuse. I wanted to make something of myself so when I graduated I decided to join the Army. Now I am a year away from commissioning and couldn’t be more excited. I love to inspire young women and girls to never stop trying. If there is one thing I could tell you from being a 5’3 girl in the military, it’s that you have to constantly prove yourself. Unfortunately, we have to go that extra mile and push ourselves to the limit but WHATEVER A MAN CAN DO, I CAN DO!