Hell yes!

I was studying in University (2014) and I was really into economics. As most of us know, there is a well established norm that men understand economics (not just economics, but also in every field of exact science, managing and so on.) better than women. The same approach was common in my class and my professor had the same approach too. Because of this, many girls were felt dumb and afraid to express their minds during seminars. If they made a mistake, class would joke about women being in economics.

After the mid-term test, when the whole class was evaluated at less than 40%, my work was the best and evaluated at 98%. When the professor said the results, all of the girls were so happy because a girl outscored all of the boys, and proved that men are not better at economics.

It was a really huge win, but still in todays society, a woman must prove that she is able to do something as good as a man can, that she can manage as well as a man, and many times even better! I hope in the future, women will show how strong we are in every single field and we no longer have to feel less valuable.