He Said “Congratulations!”

When I lost my job after 17 years I knew I wanted to do something more! I took a job in a new industry, but doing a similar role. I knew I was grossly underpaid at my former job but didn’t have the confidence to ask for more money with my new job. After 4 years I was called into my boss’s, boss’s office where my boss and his boss were waiting for me. He said they did a market analysis and determined that I was grossly underpaid. The company was giving me a $12K a year raise. Then he said “Congratulations!”. NOT “I apologize” or “you have been done a disservice” but “Congratulations!” with a look that said “How stupid are you!”
So, I quit! I got a job making even more than that raise was going to give me and I walked in there and quit! Best feeling in the world!