When I started the 8th grade my life changed forever. I always thought it was my fault I was being harassed on every level: sexually, emotionally, physically – all levels. I told my friend about it because the person harassing me always gave me depression and anxiety. I dealt with his harassment for a year telling my friend the things he would do, which included asking for nude photos, to see me without clothes on, touching my legs and guilting me into talking to him. Again, making me think it was my fault I was being harassed. My friend finally decided to put an end to it for me since he knew I couldn’t do it myself. My best friend was also harassed by the same person for a year. We’re girls, it made him feel he had power. When my friend finally put an end to it I felt free, released from the cage I’d been kept in for so long.

If you’re being harassed tell someone, you don’t deserve it, you didn’t do anything to deserve it. Fix your cape princess, don’t let it blow away.