Girls World

In 2018 I made a decision to keep my focus on building a life independently for my 5 yr old daughter and myself. I became tired of relying on others for help or bring controlled. I grew tired of waiting for the right person to come along so I could finally start my life. I started choosing different friends, I started setting boundaries. Along the way I hit speed bumps, experienced toxicity, abuse, lost friends, mourned the death of close friends, and so much more. In the midst of the hardships, my tunnel vision got Myla and I our own house. It got me back into my career. God gave me the independence I worked for. I work 2 jobs, one to ensure bills are paid and the other to build my career so I can ultimately provide long term stability for me and my girl.

Somewhere along the way in life I managed to shuffle my cards, and a new, harder hand was delt. I built this life of mine from the ground up. From total scratch. I have amazed and surprised myself with what I’m capable of, but more importantly what gods capable of. Rain or shine, 2 hours of sleep, bad break ups, low self esteem, I never fucking stopped praying. Never stopped working. If I can do this, I believe every woman can. My point here is I don’t want any other woman to feel like she is stuck in a relationship that makes her unhappy, or is told she’ll never make it on her own. Follow your dreams, go back to college, leave the toxic relationship and start over. The scariest and hardest things in life are always the things that end up being the greatest. Or you can settle, and regret not making the best out of the only life we are given. I get lonely, I get envious of marriages and proposals, but I truly believe if I continue to manifest in this independency one day it will be reciprocated. (I get that faith from God, it didn’t fall out of the sky.)

So let’s stop hiding, let’s keep everyone aware- slowly but surely that discrimination word will disappear. And if anyone feels like they are alone and scared, the entire reason for this post is to reassure you that you are not alone. I don’t care who you are- call me, DM me, text me. I am here and I will help you. I have a long ways to go but I am far from where I was. With international women’s day, I have no problem sharing my success with the media. I’m not bragging, I’m standing up for all women by telling my story. March 8th is one of the absolute most important days of the year to me and it will never go unnoticed after everything I have put myself through and after everything I have achieved. I couldn’t of done it without the strong women who came before me, and I’ll never keep it without helping the strong women who will come after me.