Finding my passion

I always felt a bit about of place. In elementary school they said what do you do for fun and you could say drawing. In middle school they would say what are your hobbies and you could say reading. But in high school they ask what is your passion. It’s a scary question. Was I supposed to know. I never knew how to answer this question until I did. Something so little as going with my dad to a yearly fundraiser or helping my mom with the food drive, something I had been doing since before I could remember. My passion is helping others. I volunteer as much and as often as I can. I can’t explain the feeling but I want to share an experience I had. I work with a summer camp for kids who are blind or visually impaired, doing things like horse back riding, bowling and even paddle boarding. When you see these kinds stand up on a paddle board for the first time with a look of utter joy on their face it is so incredible. From that day I said I would never say it’s too hard or I can’t when I want to quit I will keep going. Their faces will forever be my motivation.