Feminist Nation

When I was in middle school, we had feminism as a vocabulary word. One of my friends said out loud ¨Yeah go feminism!¨ I went to a small private Christian school in the south, so feminism isn’t exactly popular. After she said that, everyone started yelling at us just because we believed in equality. I was shocked to discover that a lot of the people who were mean to us because we are feminists, were women. My friends and I tried to change their minds but nothing seemed to work. I was repeatedly told to go make people a sandwich, to which I responded, “hell no!”.

The people who were against us called themselves ¨anti-feminists¨ and the sad thing is, most of them were women. The guys called themselves ¨meninists¨.

Well, those people never converted to feminism but I guess thats just life, there has to be people that are obstacles that we have to always overcome.