I have recently ended an abusive relationship of eight years. At times physical, mostly psychological. Being threatened is scary. I reflect upon my mother, who stayed in a marriage till death, not uncommon for someone of her age. Though they weren’t necessarily happy, they stuck it out. I learned to do that too, I suppose…wait for things to change, or learn to accommodate. But then I reflected more upon my mother, who I know full well would have told me to run for the hills away from this individual.

As a parent myself I know we want our children to not have to repeat our mistakes, to not emulate our behavior if it will harm them. I owe this to myself, but especially my son. I know he is not the type to be vindictive and abusive, but I don’t want him to be the type who thinks it is okay to be on the receiving end of abuse either. My mother is smiling from up above as I make this change.