Clueless Boys

Boys talk a lot. They are constantly unaware of their egotistical comments and the effect those words can have. The other day a boy was tagging along with another boy who constantly spits out malicious egotistical comments that are racist, sexist, and often homophobic. Even though this boy is malicious and egotistical, he has a following of a couple other boys who laugh and or encourage him. One of the boys who is my close friend asked why I was upset because I had been acting strangely. I explained to him why I was frustrated with this group of boys. Instead of listening to and internalizing what I had said, he thought I was angry at him and immediately became defensive. I told him to calm down but he kept saying I am doing nothing wrong but I continued to attempt to explain. At last was so frustrated I gave up. This made me realize how frustrated I can get because of boys ignorance and their lack of self-awareness as teenagers.