Caucasian v Apartheid

Warmth…being able to run around in the sun, in the streets. No mobile phones, no Xbox or PlayStation or.., wifi!!! Not that long ago. I am now saying the dreaded old people thing to the youth ”in my day”.

I had white privilege, I will put it out there..not my fault. I was just born and was lucky enough to have a roof over my head and a warm bed and a warm meal every now and again when mom was sober enough to make it.

Apparently, there was this ‘thing’ called apartheid. I put it in quotes because I never experienced it…children do not see color, my friend Candice (mixed race) and I were lucky enough to have parents who ‘allowed’ us to play together. We had NO clue of the political stuff, we bathed together, listened to parents vinyl records, I went on camping trips with her family and we slept cuddled up together as friends (chalk and cheese).

I know that this schpeel doesn’t quite fit into the whole ‘it was never a dress’ area….but it is a story that somehow conveys that society can be an evil beast and that the story of apartheid transcends into other areas.