Being Shaped

My mother lived in a man’s world in every sense of the word. She grew up not being allowed to work. The men made the life decisions. She would never consider arguing. Although married to an enlightened man (my father), his share of mistakes was always met with acceptance … she didn’t even think that perhaps she had the right to an opinion on major life changes. She feels unsafe without him; unable to live her own identity. She is so unbelievably tough but does not have personal power.

I cannot fathom these things. In my 20s, I asked her why. Why did she buckle under the Victorian age behaviors? Her response was that she shaped me to be what she was not … to be the powerful woman … able to do anything I wanted; honing my indomitable spirit.

Her self-awareness is astonishing to me. Her focus and energy to guide me along a mindset and set of behaviors that were so foreign to her, yet believing enough in herself to lead me along a very different path from her own. One of freedom and strength – showing me that the world does not change me; I change my world.

I am so grateful.