Aren’t you afraid?

“Are you alone? Aren’t you afraid?” I got this response frequently when I knocked on a stranger’s door. “I’m okay” I responded. This was my job. I worked doing door to door sales for 3 years knocking on random doors, in random neighborhoods, many times in lower income areas. Alone. What they didn’t know is that before this job I had social anxiety and fear of talking to people. That I overcame. What they didn’t know is that I came from not knowing about sales to being the number one sales “person” in my company. What they didn’t know is, while they would never ask a man if he was alone or afraid, they and many other neighbors only opened the door because they looked out their window and saw my smiling face and hand waving at them and they thought “she’s not a threat” and opened the door. So I had more opportunities and a better closing rate than my coworkers. There are not just salesmen, there are saleswomen. We can be strong, aggressive, and persistent too. I am still a top saleswoman and proud to call myself Fearless.