An Unlikely Superhero

Like Tania, one of the creators of #ItsWasNEVERAdress, I have felt like a split-brained, misfit in my career as a technical professional. Since I am a creative person, I often feel like an imposter among the technical people with whom I work, as a Director of Business Development and Marketing for Zentech Manufacturing, who manufactures electronic assemblies (electronic guts). Due to my creativity, writing and an accidental trip down the rabbit hole, I became a social media influencer in my industry. As a result, I was asked to serve on the Publicity Committee for the largest Radio Frequency and Microwave Technology Symposium in the world. Of course, I agreed–but had a hidden fear that all those brilliant engineering types I was serving with would find me out! As we were deciding upon a mascot for the show, my visual brain served up a humorous image of a Flash-Gordon-like superhero (because who other than a superhero could make invisible signals bounce between cell towers and iPads?) I tossed out my goofy idea with a chuckle, assuming my brain had just taking a little personal vacation. To my surprise, the rest of the committee loved it! Then one women (Phd-superhero) in the group said–“Hey we need a woman superhero, too!” Then the whole thing exploded and took on a life of its own! The Modulator Twins AM/PM were born and became one of the most fun, engaging and celebrated mascots in this show’s 60+ year history. (
The Chairman of that publicity committee won the bid for the show to be hosted in his hometown–and guess who he asked to be his Publicity Chair? Yep, me. Apparently, whatever I was wearing, #ItWasNEVERAdress!