2nd Generation Working Mom

I grew up with working parents. Both of my parents were hard working and worked long hours, which meant there was a lot of collaboration between them to make it happen. I remember most of my friends had moms that waited for them after school and they always felt sorry for me. But I loved it. My brother and I felt that my parents trusted us and we grew up to be independent kids who were proud of our parents.
Almost 2 years ago I had my baby boy and people around me said that things would now change. They said I would not be able to work the way I did before, and “your priorities will change, you wouldn’t care so much about your career”. Almost everyone around me (with the exception of my parents and my husband) thought that this would mean changing the way I lived and worked. However, my parents knew that it is possible to raise kids and continue to work and build a career. It requires some creativity and a lot of help and they immediately said: “we are here for you!” My parents have taken an active part in helping me raise my beautiful smart boy and by doing that, they are helping my career grow and prosper.