Tech Teacher Private School

I am left speechless when a co-worker has a problem with their iPhone or the printer or other technology device and they fail to ask me for help. My position is K-6th technology teacher. I have taught technology for 20 years. I have a teaching credential in the area. I am finishing a Master’s in Instructional Technology. I am capable and highly qualified. I am well-liked and am open minded, open door to all. Instead of asking for my help, they often say “I’ll go get one of the guys.” I am the only female in my particular organization. As far as technology planning and leadership, I am not part of the discussion. The administration does not seek me out for advice or use me for professional development opportunities. I go to conferences each year and have tons of ideas. I have consulted on startups. Because of the climate and workplace attitude I have been angry, frustrated, sad, humored/entertained by it all. Mainly I feel that all the skills and talent I have to offer go unused in this organization. I recently found a new position and my experience has been the opposite of what I just described. I will support the teachers at 4 schools in this new position, and provide ways for them to integrate technology into their curriculum. I feel like a leash has been released and am excited about the future and the opportunities and challenges ahead.