Grafham Studio Creations at 62

I am a mixed media artist. My life goal is to be a full time working artist. When I embarked on my journey in the last few years, it became clear to me that I had no “personal style” or theme that was uniquely my message. In the past year my focus has been on embracing the beginning of my final stage in life. No more would I need to be dependent upon a full time job to help support a growing family and significant other’s life choices. It was my turn now. This dawning sense of fierceness began to have an affect on my art. When I am in my fierceness, it manifests itself in the faces of my creations. Fierce, funny and kind beings began surfacing. I want to begin to share these works with the world. To recognize all the fierce working women in this world. To allow them to embrace the magic in their lives and draw their strength from it.