Girls can be superheroes!!

Today i found a dress for my daughter at Walmart that said Supergirl and i thought it was adorable so i bought it for her. when I came home and had her try it on she told me that one of her teachers had told her that girls should not be the heroes that boys are supposed to do that and she was not allowed to wear it to church. although we go to a baptist church who is very conservative i do believe my daughters are capable of anything and i would never want my daughter thinking some stinky boy is more capable at doing anything that she desires and I wanted her to know how wrong that teacher really was! So I asked her what are some powerful women who are heroes and here what made me proud she listed 5 very courageous women right away! She said Maya Angelou, Susan B Anthony, Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, & Elizabeth Katie Stanton. because this bothered me so much i took it two steps further than our discussion and we looked up some other women who changed the world that are also superheroes I wanted to make sure that if anyone tried to ever give my daughter this very untrue opinion again that she would be sure to have the knowledge to educate them and they will be very sorry they picked the wrong girl to mess with!! i also posted the list on my social media page to remind all of the women i know how it is truly our responsibility to make sure our girls know that they can accomplish anything that a boy can and they can do it with more grace and passion that comes from being a powerful superhero woman!