Call to Action

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” –Malala Yousafzai

It’s time to use our voices, cameras, pens, keen senses of humor to do…something. Action simply means doing something. When we see an injustice, something unsettling, or an ironic juxtaposition, why don’t we do anything? Even if we wanted to do something, what would that look like? Do we need this?

Well, as we are finding out with this organic campaign, it seems like doing something can open up a really large and necessary conversation. We heard from a mom whose daughter saw the it was never a dress sticker and now, every time her mom goes to the bathroom says, “Mom, you’re going into the superhero bathroom!”

So, this is an invitation to see and then do something about it! It’s time to take on perceptions and realities of what it means to be a woman in any/every space! We’ll offer Calls to Action. We’ll look forward to seeing how your actions will open up, and shift, conversations.

Call to Action #1

See a sign you pass every single day with new eyes. Could it have another meaning? Could that new meaning start a conversation? It’s time to take action and find out.